Commonwealth Innovation Award

As the world is shifting focus to environmental sustainability, eco-friendly innovations are needed in all industries including the fashion industry in which we operate.
But as we focus on such innovations, we should not forget to be human regardless of the gender, race, religion and most importantly people living with disabilities.
We at @kimulifashionability are taking this to a whole new level by training and equipping persons with disabilities to recycle plastics and other non biodegradable materials into trendy fashion products!!
We are very humbled to be among the winners of the “Secretary General’s innovation for Sustainable Development Award 2021” by the commonwealth 🎉
We would like to thank the The Commonwealth] and team for recognizing our struggle to get more awareness for our transforming work .
This award gives our work the much needed visibility and credibility in the reputable networks that the The Commonwealth].
This award goes to our beneficiaries, team, all our customers, donors and supporters.
Find out more at:…/juliet-namujju-kimuli…/

Kimuli Fashionability Recognized as the Best 1st Runners up Start-up at Next Generation Africa 2022.

Proud to share that on Friday, @kimulifashionability was recognized as the best 1st runners up startup at Next Generation Africa 2021!
It is amazing to see the recognition that only reaffirms that we are on the right track of building a recognized inclusive and Eco Fashion label in Africa!!
Thank you for all the support we received from the @startupafricaroadtrip team and are looking forward to visiting Italy with you next year 2022!!

Juliet Featured in Sunday’s New Vision Paper

We are proud to announce that our Founder and CEO, Juliet Namujju has been featured among the ‘Top 40 outstanding Leaders under 40 Nominees in Yesterday’s Sunday Vision.
Launched in November 2020, Sunday Vision embarked on the Top 40 under 40 search for outstanding leaders who are star performers and advancing in their careers.
Leaders who are doing something extra that impacted their communities and are aged 40 and below. From the profile individuals, judges have selected the final nominee among whom is Juliet.
Join us in wishing her a heartfelt congratulations!🎉
Great thanks to @MoureenNakatudde for publishing our amazing story👏

Trending Rain Coat Jackets

Happy New Week!!
A great thanks to @becauseinternational for always supporting us. We loved designing and creating your raincoat jackets. And we really look forward to Visit you in #usa
Big 🤗hugs!!
Let’s all Unite and keep supporting local brands that care for people and the environment.
Email us on or
WhatsApp +256705124636

Fashion shows(Creative & Inclusive)

We organize fashion shows where the disabled showcase the products, they make from waste to raise funds and change people’s mind-set on the way they see disability not as an inability and creating awareness around the waste problem.

During our fashion shows 70% of the models are persons with disabilities and ensure that at least 70% is creative, up-cycled and recycled work to instill the sense of exclusivity and circular economy within our communities.

We have so far organized 2 successful fashion shows and now we are aiming to secure more partnerships with inclusive organizations like “Malengo Foundation” and organize these shows depending on regions so that we can reach more people for mindset shift.

Community sensitization( Ground awareness).

We organize sensitization programs in schools, children
Camps(here with collaborative partners like KALEKE KASOME, HEDCO etc), and rural communities to support reducing, preventing, re-using, re-cycling and upcycling waste so that we can achieve a plastic circular economy.

Early mindset shift within children natures children into sustainable-minded citizens with waste management skills e.g waste separation which enables re-use of all categories of waste.

Making Good of Waste


This rainy season got #better with @kimulifashiinability as our #entrepreneur@kiggunduCyrus presents the best and cost friendly raincoats. These are made out of a smooth cotton African fabric that makes it comfortable with your skin inside with a little warmth and the outer most part is put together with valve sacks particularly from a sugar factory. This raincoat has capacity to keep you dry amidst these wet days. @einsteinrising

Creative skills training (Empowering PWDS)

We train persons with disabilities(those with physical and hearing impairments) free hands on skills of creative tailoring on how to turn plastic waste into fashion. Training them with creative tailoring skills turns their disability into an opportunity of creating their own employment while saving the environment from plastic waste accumulation.

African fabrics are blended with waste materials. In the absence of hearing, deaf people for example often have heightened kinesthetic and visual abilities resulting in high quality products with love for detail.
After collection, the waste is washed, dried and cut to different shapes/patterns depending on the design of the product to be made.

The pieces are then blended with African fabrics like (Kitengi, Sisal, Barkcloth, Kikooyi etc) into unique fashionable garments like raincoats, pants etc and accessories like shopping bags, wallets, laptop cases, make-up kits, pencil cases, door and table mats etc