Commonwealth Innovation Award

As the world is shifting focus to environmental sustainability, eco-friendly innovations are needed in all industries including the fashion industry in which we operate.
But as we focus on such innovations, we should not forget to be human regardless of the gender, race, religion and most importantly people living with disabilities.
We at @kimulifashionability are taking this to a whole new level by training and equipping persons with disabilities to recycle plastics and other non biodegradable materials into trendy fashion products!!
We are very humbled to be among the winners of the “Secretary General’s innovation for Sustainable Development Award 2021” by the commonwealth 🎉
We would like to thank the The Commonwealth] and team for recognizing our struggle to get more awareness for our transforming work .
This award gives our work the much needed visibility and credibility in the reputable networks that the The Commonwealth].
This award goes to our beneficiaries, team, all our customers, donors and supporters.
Find out more at:…/juliet-namujju-kimuli…/

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