Creative skills training (Empowering PWDS)

We train persons with disabilities(those with physical and hearing impairments) free hands on skills of creative tailoring on how to turn plastic waste into fashion. Training them with creative tailoring skills turns their disability into an opportunity of creating their own employment while saving the environment from plastic waste accumulation.

African fabrics are blended with waste materials. In the absence of hearing, deaf people for example often have heightened kinesthetic and visual abilities resulting in high quality products with love for detail.
After collection, the waste is washed, dried and cut to different shapes/patterns depending on the design of the product to be made.

The pieces are then blended with African fabrics like (Kitengi, Sisal, Barkcloth, Kikooyi etc) into unique fashionable garments like raincoats, pants etc and accessories like shopping bags, wallets, laptop cases, make-up kits, pencil cases, door and table mats etc

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